My 21 Day Fix Update

Posted on 16. Feb, 2014 in Fitness Journey, Shakeology

Woohoo!! My 21 Day fix arrived and I’ve been going through, getting familiar with what I need to do to get started!! I’ve been trying out the workouts (of course!) and they’re really great. I was actually pleasantly surprised!  They are perfect for seasoned exercisers as well as those starting out fresh (so don’t be intimidated!!)  

I’ve also been going over the menu plan, containers and how I would use them through out my day and it’s actually really cool and you do get to eat a lot of food!!!  The first thing you need to do is determine which plan you’re on, and it’s pretty simple to do:  

Figure your plan

Then you just go to the chart to figure out which plan (for me it was the 1200-1499 calorie plan) To be honest, that’s lower than I’m used to (even for dieting!) but it’s only for 3 weeks (after 3 weeks you need to up your calories a bit, keeping it closer to the 1500.  The way I’d do this is with my shakeology, for the 1st 3 weeks I’d count it as a red container and possibly blue depending on how you mix it but after the 1st 3 weeks I’d have it as a freebie, that way your calories go closer to 1400-1700, a range I’m more used to!)  

I went through and made a sample meal plan using the 1200-1499 containers and actually, it’s pretty great (for me!) and really seems to be enough food and a great balance:


Of course you have to use the containers to get the proper amounts of the food, but I see how this really works in your favor and is simple to use!!  Get grocery shopping for some clean food (and some spices!)  Lean meats & fish, whole grains, fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, EV Oil or coconut oil, nut butters, eggs, yogurt, coconut milk, cheeses, oat meal (get lemon/lime juice, vinegar, herbs, spices, garlic, ginger, mustard, extracts freely!)  With these in your frige and pantry you’ll be set to succeed with this plan!!  

21 day fix workouts

Remember that you do need to work out each day for the 21 days with the workouts provided. They are only 30 minutes and I find it best just to do it in the morning to start my day. Whenever works for you, just be sure to get it done.  Exercise needs to become a habit in your world, one that doesn’t end in 21 days.  Sorry to say, but to be really healthy, you MUST exercise, you must use weights and you must eat well!!!  But that’s really ok, trust me, you will LOVE this!!


Shakeology is a super bonus for you.  I drink strawberry with coconut milk (ice and water in the blender) and it tastes like a strawberry milk shake.  I have it for breakfast but it also can be a snack instead! You won’t be deprived (trust me!!)  But guess what, the Fix also has allowances for pizza, lasagna, pasta, chili and more!!  Yes, you can still go out on occasion and keep on your fix!!

Need more information?  Find me on FACEBOOK and shoot me a friend request (then message me!)  Ready to get YOUR fix:

21 day

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